Snotra is a platform developed to help NFT owners make the most out of their assets. In this guide, you'll find information about how staking works, the benefits it provides to users, and its integration with the social scoring system.

Earning Passive Income:

Users can earn passive income by staking their NFTs. The income generated is determined based on the type and amount of staked NFTs.

High APY and Yield Access:

Snotra staking offers a higher Annual Percentage Yield (APY) compared to other income sources. Users can increase their investment returns, contributing to their financial growth.

Access to Utility:

Staked NFTs can be used as asset on game or social dapp. This enables users to access the financial resources while they are using their favorites assets in game and social. This brings powerful utility proof features in line to the ecosystem with the fundamental purpose of existence of digital assets.

Community and Solidarity:

By staking towards the same objectives, users can form communities, act in solidarity, and collectively earn more.

Sense of Security:

Staked NFTs are securely stored on chain and tracked for users, providing a feeling of safety. They can be transparently and reliably tracked on the blockchain.

Integration with Social Scoring:

Users can earn social points based on the income and participation from staking activities. These points can be utilized to gain recognition within the community, access privileges, or higher staking rewards.

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