Dynamic NFT Mechanism

Snotra Dynamic NFT Rarity Mechanism​

Central to dynamic rarity is the alignment of user actions with point rewards:​

​Upon minting an NFT, users begin with a foundational 10 points. Cumulative points in each interaction category are capped at a maximum of 30 points.​

Assigning Rarity​

Dynamic rarity employs a sliding scale of thresholds:

Real-Time Updates and User Motivation​

Points are updated in real-time, reflecting user engagement. As thresholds are crossed, NFT rarity evolves. This dynamic system motivates users to engage more actively to access rarer NFTs.​

Technical Implementation

User Tracking: Employ user-specific smart contracts to track and store interaction points securely.

Threshold Logic: Deploy a smart contract that assigns rarity based on interaction points. Thresholds can be stored on-chain.

Real-Time Updates: Utilize event logs to trigger real-time point updates when interactions occur.

Rarity Updates: Event logs can also trigger updates to NFT rarity levels when point thresholds are met.

Community Engagement and Events

​Dynamic rarity fosters community involvement. Time-limited events can allocate extra points, driving competition. High-scoring users during designated periods can receive exclusive NFTs or privileges.​

Implications for Value and Marketing

​Users associate higher rarity levels with enhanced NFT value. This dynamic drives engagement and incentivizes users to participate actively for access to rarer items. Moreover, this system offers strategic marketing potential by showcasing the increasing value of NFTs as rarity levels ascend.

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