Lending & Borrowing

Snotra NFT Lending and Borrowing: Empowering the NFT Community

Lending and Borrowing: A Brief Overview

  • Lending (Lend): Lending involves providing your NFTs to others for a specified period, earning interest or rewards in return. It's a way to utilize your assets to generate passive income.

  • Borrowing (Borrow): Borrowing allows individuals to temporarily obtain assets by using their own assets as collateral. It's a quick way to access liquidity without selling your prized possessions.

Snotra: Addressing Key Challenges

1. Liquidity Challenges:

  • Snotra tackles liquidity issues by offering a unique time-based liquidity solution rather than relying on static floor prices. Borrowers can extend their loan duration by 7 days if they foresee potential liquidation, ensuring better asset protection.

2. Forever Loan Extension:

  • Snotra allows borrowers to extend their loan by extending their loans within loan periods. This feature addresses the need for flexibility in loan management and repayment.

3. Dynamic Lender Offers:

  • Lenders on Snotra have the freedom to modify their loan offers based on their risk tolerance and market conditions. This dynamic approach enhances the lending experience, catering to various borrowing needs.

  1. P2P Instant Loan:

  • Snotra is a P2P lending protocol where owners can loan out their Dynamic NFTs to lenders in exchange for collateral by limit order book market.

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