NFT Liquidity Resolved by LSDFi!

Snotra Protocol is a revolutionary platform that aims to merge the NFTs, Gaming Assets and world of LSDFi. Snotra is the liquidity layer of Move NFTs & Gaming Assets. With Snotra, users can enjoy the benefits of staking their Dynamic NFTs and earn rewards, while also Dynamic NFT holders can get low-interest loans by showing their NFTs as collateral. All assets Unique IDs can be used for on-chain valuation reference. Borrowers can get liquidity with their NFTs as Time-Based Rollover Loan(TBRL), while liquidity lenders earn passive income with their native token as secured NFT collateral. Loan offers making by lenders as limit order on orderbook.

Snotra allows innovative mortgage-based “buy now, pay later” feature that enable users to buy NFTs up to x10 leverage powered by a next generation decentralized perpetual order book market. It offers to users a PRO Trader experience by hosting all NFT Marketplaces. Mortgage Loan repayments can be done by “Programmable Transactions” on Move. Snotra also focuses on bringing the concept of “Liquidity as a Service for NFTs” to the In-Game NFT marketplaces, allowing developers and applications to easily access the liquidity on Snotra Protocol to build their own products.

Snotra is an innovative, unique, and stylish meeting point that solves all the needs of NFT, Gaming projects and users with a single click in the MOVE ecosystem.

Welcome to new era of NFT & LSDFi!

Let’s Move!

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